"Every child begins the world again"

Henry David Thoreau


What we Do

Culturally Sensitive Support for the Spanish-speaking Community in Utah.

Prenatal & Postpartum Support


Support and counseling

Prenatal & Parenting

Education for mothers

Pregnant and their


Ongoing Emotional & Physical Support During Labor and Birth through Doula Services


Doula support

English and Spanish  

Founder's Story


Mayra is the founder of the Comunida Materna en Utah (CMU), a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Utah.

Dedicated to promoting maternal health within the Hispanic community. CMU provides educational workshops in the community, specialized individual mentoring and support through Doula services. Mayra has been trained as a Doula with DONA International, Prenatal Educator with ICEA, Hypno-Doula, Member of the Utah Doulas Association (UDA), graduated from Westside Leadership Institute (WLI), Certified Case Manager at University Neighborhood Partner (UNP) and Community Health Worker (CHW). Originally from Mexico and an immigrant, Mayra is passionate about empowering and consulting for the health of women of color. She is a proud mother of 9 children and together with her husband they have made Salt Lake City their home.